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About the head behind Twisted Arts

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Manuel, I’m a twenty-two-year-old informatics student living in Germany. I always loved creating games. Games are something wonderful. It’s our feasibility to create the universe we imagine without any restrictions. I started way back when I was eleven with a tool called the ‘RPG Maker 2000’. I began to create my own games. Not the best, but who cared? It was awesome to see how step-by-step my universe began to exist.

By using the block-based scripting system of this tool I soon felt restricted. So I started looking into actual programming languages and started with Visual Basic.Net as I read it was easy to learn. My first programs got written and after two years of hearing about C# and C++, I finally gave C# a shot. It took me a few hours to learn the basic syntax, 2 more days to get used to it and years to master. I programmed a lot of tools and programs. Nothing was ever published, but that’s okay. It’s been mostly tiny tools which helped me in my everday life or with development.

After another two years I found XNA, Microsoft’s game development framework. It took me two years to gather the knowledge about DirectX and how it as well as games actually work. I started to create some simple games. I soon noticed that nearly every game needs some sort of editor. It’s hard to create game worlds without visual feedback and it’s even more difficult creating huge levels in plain text. So I decided to create an editor I can use for every of my games. This was the natal hour of TKMap.

Development of TKMap started back in 2010. The first version was made in C# using WinForms. I soon realized that this won’t work out for me. It was hard to develop the features I wanted to have. The code got messier over time and the project failed eventually. After a few months I started to reboot the project as I was once again reminded that it was a necessary tool for me. It was still written in C# and WinForms but I switched to a modular architecture and held the code clean. It sooner or later failed as well. WinForms was just not suited for the job. TKMap then fell asleep for a while. I switched over to game development again. After a while the same problem came up and I investigated for new techniques. I found WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) which I refused a long time as I didn’t like XAML. But after I read about all the advantages it has, I finally decided to give it a try. So I started another reboot back in June 2012. This is the current one and it’s still in development – thanks to WPF.

TKMap has reached a state the other “Revisions” never reached. And it took me much less time to achieve this state. During the development of TKMap I realized I could use some realtime monitoring and debugging since the complexity of TKMap’s internals grew incredibly fast. Which started as a tiny project in about 7 or 8 years ago became yet another big and passionate project of my own. VisualBug as it is called currently is my latest project for advanced realtime monitoring. It’s capable of injecting itself into any application which uses tagging to mark necessary parts. It then analyzes the application, gives important tips, warnings and errors in a detailed overview and finally injects itself into the application. The application then can be monitored and controlled as intended from anywhere – be it local or over the internet.

What is Twisted Arts?

Twisted Arts is just a name. It’s not yet a company. It’s just a name behind which I hide.
I liked the name and after I’ve created the logo fell in love with it. I still think it looks pretty cool and it will stay as is.

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