A little status update

VisualBug 1.1 released
April 8, 2015
Yet another little status update
September 27, 2015

A little status update

It’s been a while since news came up. Here’s a little status update for you. Work hasn’t stopped but slowed down a little bit. There’s a lot to do at the moment and studies are keeping me quite busy. Especially because exams come closer day by day.

What’s happening to VisualBug?

Well, development is still continuing. The Nitrogen Update will finally introduce all features that are required for productional usage. The whole user-interface was overhauled and polished for a smoother usage. Commandline support will be included and thus allows you to automatize builds via post-build. Last but not least injection will be re-introduced with all current features VisualBug offers.

There is currently no release date. Exams delay development. It’s likely to be released sometime between end of July and the end of August.

Wasn’t there something called ‘TKMap’?

Well TKMap is not dead. But as long as VisualBug is not finished it’s paused. VisualBug is an essential tool for TKMap’s development and needs to be integrated in a clean way without interrupting future development. Afterwards developement of TKMap will continue prioritized.

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