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June 19, 2014
TKMap reached Milestone 3 | milestone
Twisted Arts 2.0 launched
September 25, 2014

TKMap reached Milestone 3

Good news today. The last things have been done which were necessary to finish Milestone 2. With the next milestone I will focus on the core-features. The basement of TKMap finally reached a state where it begins to be possible adding real content to the programs feature portfolio. A lot will be changed, added or even removed over time, but for now TKMap is geared up with everything required.

The first big thing will be the project format. A flexible and yet simple format must be designed and implemented. The most tricky part will be the extensibility. Each AddIn should be able to add content to the project file without much effort and without breaking anything. Loading this data should be easy. The same is required for Map formats. These must be flexible as well as they should support different types (isometric, hexagonal, tiled, free, 3D, …) without requiring different formats and classes for each one.

Afterwards I will focus on the Asset Management, which was set to a lower priority some time ago. And then finally on the first map-editing tools.


As soon as there is something to show off, TKMap will be revealed to the public. I hope this will be the case around August (and sadly this was not the case – it’ll take a bit longer @ 07.09.2014).

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